Timothy Mowry, Ex-Military Man, Father of Tia and Tamera

An American veteran of the US military, Timothy Mowry is retired from the military. He was born on January 4, 1957. He came into the limelight after his twin daughter Tia and Tamera became actresses. Although his career in US Military is also remarkable, however, he is more prevalent in public as the father of twin celebrities.

We talk about Timothy’s twin daughters, Tia and Tamera. Both are renowned actresses and singers in Hollywood. They showed their talent in many popular TV shows and films, like Sister, Twitches, and many more.

Timothy Mowry
Timothy Mowry

Biography of Timothy John Mowry

Timothy is a 66-year-old man. He is quite fit compared to her age, due to his perfect life routine. Timothy is English-American with Irish ancestry. His birthplace is unknown; however, we know he was raised in Miami. Timothy attended the local school. This is the best we know about his early life and educational background.

Timothy’s father is a very disciplined man. He was passionate about sports and also persuades Timothy to play games. As a result, Timothy was quite active and skilled in numerous games. Not only that he was quite a master’s in yoga.

Timothy Military Career

The US Military required the best for the requirement. Timothy was quite favorite in his school and then college. Moreover, his family’s disciplinary nature, what occupation can suit him more than the military. The decision was easy to make.

After graduation, he applied to the US military. He passed all of the tests both physical and mental. He was selected in the US military and went on training. As soon as he completed his training, he was appointed as the Army’s first Sergeant.

Soon he got the chance to lead a battalion and performed administrative duties. Timothy said triggers this soldier that loves his country and feels proud to serve. During his service, he earned two owners which are:

  • First Sergeant (1SG)
  • Battalion force leader

Following his retirement from the military, Timothy joined the police force in California. California’s Glendale Police Department hired him as a custody officer. He also starred in a TV series known as Tia Maury at home after the successful carrier of his daughters Tia and Tamera.

First Sergeant Timothy Mowry in US Military
First Sergeant Timothy Mowry in US Military

Who is Darlene Renee Flower: The ex-wife of Timothy Mowry

Darlene is one year older than Timothy. She was born on October 25, 1956. Darlene completed her education along with Timothy. After completing graduation, she decided to work and became a security guard. She then joined the armed forces along with her future husband Timothy.

Over the years with her compassion and hard work, she gained the rank of drill Sergeant. Darlene marries Timothy during her service. In the US Army. Afterward, they both were posted in Germany and performed their duties over there. During her service in Germany, she had twin daughters, Tia, and Tamera.

Later she moved to Texas, USA with their family in 1979. From there they were transferred to California. After spending some time in California Darlene decided to resign from the military to help her daughter as she was struggling in her new career.

Children of Timothy and Darlene

As mentioned earlier, Timothy and Darlene were married for almost 40 years. In that. They had four children. When they divorced, all their children were adults. First, they have two twin daughters. Afterward, they also have two sons.

Tia, Tamera, their two brothers and thier children are posing as a family photo. Timothy is also present in the frame
Tia, Tamera, their two brothers and thier children are posing as a family photo. Timothy is also present in the frame

The Twin Girls, Tia, and Tamera

God bless Timothy, with twin girls After the 4th year of his marriage. He named them Tia and Tamera. The twins were born on July 16, 1978. Among the twins, Tia is 2 minutes older than Tamera. The twin girls started their careers in the showbiz industry by appearing in Commercials.

Tamera Mowry, American Actress
Tamera Mowry, American Actress

In 1987 he made their acting debut through a TV series known as Full House. However. The major role that brought them into the highlights was in the TV series Sister Sisters. Later, the twin girls performed in various TV shows and movies together. Some of their major hit shows are given below.

Among other milestones, they also coauthored a book known as Twintution. Both are married. Tamara is married to a news anchor, Adam. She had two children with him. On the other hand, Tia has been married to Cory Hardrict. She also had two children with Cory.

Tia Mowry, American Actress
Tia Mowry, American Actress

Tahj Mowry

After the twin daughter, Timothy and Darlene welcomed their second son, Tahj in 1986. As of 2023, he is 36 years old. He was inspired by his sisters and chooses the film industry as his career. He started his acting career in 1990.

Afterward, he performed several significant roles in various superhit movies. He had shown his talents in the movie known as Baby Daddy. Besides playing TJ on the web, he also appeared on the TV show Smart Guy.

Tahj Mowry, Son of Timothy Mowry
Tahj Mowry, Son of Timothy Mowry

Tavior Mowry

The youngest child of Timothy and Darlene is Tavior. He was born on July 5, 1993. As of 2023, his age is 29 years old. Football is one of his favorite sports, just like his father. He plays football for his university team in California, Davis.

However, he also chooses the Showbiz industry as his career. He became a music director. Tavior is married to Zandy Fitzgerald.

Tavior Mowry
Tavior Mowry

Timothy Mowry Married Life

Darlene and Timothy both are high school lovers. Soon after they met in high school, they began dating. they both promised to spend their life together. By keeping this promise darling also joined the US army after graduation.

Afterward, they were married in the year 1975. They were married for 40 years. however, due to unknown reasons, they separate and filed for divorce. The Divorce was final in 2015.

In 2015, the Mowry family decided to start a TV series. Which will circulate around the everyday life of the family members. However, in this series, the real reason behind the divorce between Timothy and Darlene Is not discussed.

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After Separation, How Timothy and Darlene Living Their Life?

Even though Timothy and Darlene were divorced, they still have a good relationship. In an interview dear to all the media That his father and mother are still good friends. Timothy spent a great deal of time alone after the divorce.

However, he decided to give life another chance. Tamara discloses that his father has now a new girlfriend known as Nana. Nana is an Asian girl. Other than her name, we don’t know much about Nana. Right now, Timothy is living his spectacular life. In his spare time, he traveled a lot. He loves to play with his grandchildren.

Darlene is single right now. She did not get involved in any other relationship after her divorce from Timothy. Her children and grandchildren are also a huge part of her life. Her children occasionally share their posts with their mothers.

The Net Worth of Timothy Mowry

Timothy is a retired U.S. military officer. His earnings must be quite impressive, then. According to some assumptions, he has a net worth in the millions. But the exact digits are not known. On the other hand, he has quite successful daughters. They have a $4 million Net worth each.

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Timothy Mowry As a Role Model

All four of Timothy’s children look up to him as a role model. His daughters claim that they gain strength from their dad. They also mentioned that their family is close-knit. They are quite religious. Among all these circumstances, circumstances, we hope that Timothy is an ideal father And grandfather.

Timothy has raised his family as a disciplined family. All his four children are well-educated, well-mannered, and successful in life. He taught all his children that only through hard work, one can achieve what he desires.

Social Media Presence

Even though all his four children are superstars Timothy is not a public figure. He likes to live his life quietly. He does not have social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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