Timothy Hawking: Son of Legendary Physicist; Stephen Hawking

Timothy Hawking is the son of a well-known British physicist Stephen Hawking. He came in third number among Hawking’s children. Stephen Hawking is not his biological father, but he still loves him like his real father. He is inspired by him and wanted to be just like him in his life. Jonathan Hellyer Jones is known as the biological father of Timothy.

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NameTimothy Hawking
Date of Birth15 April 1979
Age43 years old
Height5 feet 8 inches
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye colorGreen
FatherStephen Hawking
MotherJane Beryl Hawking
SiblingsRobert Hawking, Lucy Hawking
Some quick facts about Timothy Hawk

Personal Information of Timothy Hawking

On April 15, 1979, Timothy Hawking was born. The birthplace of Timothy is Alban, Hertfordshire. He was born in the house of the greatest mind of physics Stephen Hawking. Concurrently, her mother’s name is Jane Beryl Hawking. He is the youngest child of Stephen. By profession, he is a marketer.  Aimed to be as great as his father. He had a British passport and belonged to a white ethnic background.

Timothy and Lucy Hawking
Timothy and Lucy Hawking

Family Background Timothy Hawking

Timothy Hawking is the last child among 2 other siblings. His father was a great theoretical physicist and cosmologist.

Stephen Hawking is also a professor but in the last period of his life, he faces difficulty speaking due to the rare disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) causes motor neuron degeneration. This degeneration of neurons will affect his brain to muscle coordination.

Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with this disease at the age of 21. However, in the last period of his life, he had not able to move except his single muscle of the upper lip.

On the other hand, Timothy’s mother is an intellectual, attractive woman. She was a teacher and an English author. Timothy has two siblings Robert Hawking and Lucy Hawking. Both are older than Timothy.

Stephen Hawking with his family
Stephen Hawking with his family

Physical Attributes of Timothy

Timothy is a decent, attractive man. He had blonde hair, green eyes, and a body weight of 70 kg. His height is 5 feet 8 inches. He goes to the gym. The secret to his healthy body is a healthy diet and exercise daily,

Timothy Hawking
Timothy Hawking

Early Life and Childhood of Timothy Hawking

Everyone loves their childhood. As you get the maximum attention of your parents without any tension or responsibilities. However, everyone is not that lucky. Timothy Hawking is among those children who are not blessed with a great childhood.

Due to his father’s disease, he was not able to communicate with his father at all. In AN interview he talked about the feeling when he is not able to communicate with his father like all the other children. He said his father spoke with his original voice when he was a child, but it was extremely difficult to understand him as a three-year-old.

He could not communicate with his father properly until the age of five. That’s harsh for a kid not able to communicate with his father.

Stephen Hawking with his family
Stephen Hawking with his family

Education Status of Timothy Hawking

There is no proper record of where Timothy Hawking got his early education. However, he had a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and French, from Exeter University, England. Afterward, he got a Master of Science degree in Marketing, at the University of Birmingham,

Timothy Hawking Youngest child

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What is Timothy Does for a Living?

Timothy is as hardworking as his father. He started to work during his education. He works in small business firms as an account manager and continues his degree at the University of Birmingham.

Timothy Hawking got his first job as an account manager at a company, which deals with Range Rover vouchers, Cogent Elliot. Here he works for almost two years. After quitting Cogent Elliot, he joined Rees Bradly Hepburn’s company. The job designation is the same as the previous company, but the job pays better. He works there for over a year.

In March 2010, he joined Lego, a toy-making company for children, as a loyalty executive. At this stage of life, Timothy maintains a low profile. He worked at Lego for several years. There he got many promotions and awards. He became assistant marketing manager in 2012, became loyalty program manager in 2013, and finally became the group brand development manager in London.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is working at Hawking Family State Execution, handling Brand Development, Legacy Management, and copywriting protection.

Timothy Hawking with his mother Jane at his father's funeral
Timothy Hawking with his mother Jane at his father’s funeral

Net Worth

There is no information available on the exact figure that describes Timothy’s Net worth or how much he earns early. However, an insider source tells that Timothy has a net worth of around $500,000 as of the year 2022.

Moreover, he told us that his net worth of Timothy is $300,000 in the year 2021. This figure gave an idea of Timothy’s yearly earnings, which is $200,000.

Stephen Hawking children at Good Morning Britain
Stephen Hawking’s children at Good Morning Britain

Stephen or Jonathan! Who is the real Father?

Stephen Hawking has three children. Timothy is the youngest among them. He loved his father very much. The only thing that hurt Timothy from his childhood is that he can not communicate with his father due to his father’s illness.

However, there are some rumors that Timothy is not the son of Stephen Hawking. Some people claimed that his biological father is Jonathan Hellyer Jones.

We don’t know exactly what was happening with Jane Hawking and Stephen Hawking, Timothy’s parents. But Jane had an extramarital relationship with Jonathan.

We don’t know for sure anything regarding this matter as the Hawking family gave no opinion on this matter. Besides, they love Timothy very much and treat him like a family member. Moreover, he is handling Brand development and Legacy Management.

Early childhood image of Timothy Hawking with his whole family
Early childhood image of Timothy Hawking with his whole family

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