Who is Tara Beane? Everything You Need to Know

Tara Beane is the name that rings a bell to many people. She was recognized as the wife of former basketball player Billy Beane. Tara rose to popularity after her marriage to Billy in 1999. Moreover, Billy and Tara’s marriage is an event such a wonderful event that anyone can them just having such a tremendous wedding.

It is fact that the spouse of successful people tend to gain media attention whether they like it or not. However, Tara somehow manages to live a pretty normal life away from media highlights. Moreover, she shares two twin children with Billy Beane.

Even though she doesn’t like to share his life with the media or people, her fans still want to know about her age, nationality, hobbies, and many more. With no further delay, we begin to unravel Tara Beane’s life.

Tara Beane
Tara Beane

Tara Beane Early Life

The San Diego beauty was born on 11 August 1964 in California, USA. Her real name is Tara Marie Graves; however, she changed her surname from graves to Beane after marrying Billy Beane. Well, why wouldn’t she?

From her birthday it is evident that she is a Leo. Leo people are famous for their loving, bold, and humorous nature. On the same side, they are also arrogant, dominating, and inflexible. She spent her childhood days in San Diego.

As far as her early education is concerned, she attended Mt. Carmel High School in San Diego. The school is popular for having baseball matches and still meets the expectation of organizing the best baseball match in the area. Neither her college nor university is available online.

The Personality of Tara Beane

Tara has a stunning personality. Right now, she is touching her sixties, but she still carries a unique style and elegance in her personality. As we look at her, she had an oval-shaped face, and according to Papa Nikolas, this is the most attractive facial shape. Moreover, she has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 57 kg. She had brown hair with the same eye color.

Besides these, no other body measurements are known. Anyone can tell by just looking at her that she definitely does exercise and goes to the gym regularly. Even though she is reaching her 60s, she is fitter than most people in their 30s.

Ethnicity and Nationality Background of Tara Beane

As mentioned earlier that Tara was born in San Diego. Hence, she holds American nationality and a passport as well. She spends her entire childhood in San Diego and get her early education there. She has not disclosed where she attended university or what she majored in.

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Tara Beane’s Family

Tara is a close family. Her relationship with Billy date back to their childhood because they are both neighbors. Still, we don’t know anything about her parents or siblings. Tara does not like to drag her parents or any other family member to the media’s attention.

Even though she is the wife of baseball celebrity Billy and fans want to know more about her past and family there is nothing that she had shared with the media. Billy also respects her choice and never reveals anything that can make his wife uncomfortable and hurt her.

What does Tara Like?

Even though we don’t know much about her career or profession, we do know that she loves animals. She always adores them. Moreover, she likes to travel and love to explore the world. We also assume that she is a fitness freak by looking at her fitness level. There is no authentic information available regarding her profession. As of now, we assume that she is a housewife and lives an incredible life with his family.

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The History of Tara and Billy’s Relationship

Tara and Billy Bean were close friends since their childhood. They are neighbors in San Diego, California. They were very close and inseparable. Their relationship at that time was purely friendship. Billy was dating Cathy Sturdivant, a girl from his high school. Afterward, he married Cathy but unfortunately, things don’t work out between them. So, they parted ways and got divorced.

After Billy divorce Cathy, Tara, helps him to pass through that tough time. She supports him at all levels and shows that she is still her best friend. During that time, Billy and Tara fall in love with each other. Since they had known each other for over 20 years, it was wonderful for both of them.

They both dated for a short period of time and then decides to take their relationship to a new level. Billy proposed to Tara, and she gladly accepts. They tied the knot and exchange their vows in 1999. The ceremony is not very big. Only close relatives and friends were invited, and it took place in California.

Tara proved herself to be not only a great friend but also a great wife. She is not only good in her looks but also good at her heart. She accepts Billy with his past. Not only that, but she also accepts Billy’s daughter Casey Bean from his first marriage. She loved and raised her just like her own child.

The lovely couple is sure one of the best couples. It isn’t wrong to say that they are meant for each other. They are living their life together happily. On some occasions, they have been seen together, and look fabulous.

Who is Tara Beane’s Husband, Billy Beane

He is famously associated with Moneyball as the movie is subjected around his career, as both a baseball player and the GM of Oakland Athletics. He was born in Orlando, Florida USA. His father is a naval officer. Billy’s date of birth is 29 March 1962. As of 2023, he is 61 years old.

When Billy was one year old, they moved to San Diego, Florida. He spent his childhood in May Port, where he studied at Mt. Carmel High School. Since Billy’s father was a naval officer, he was disciplined from an early age. Billy also learns the basics of baseball from his father like pitching. Meanwhile, he developed an interest in many sports, especially baseball.

Tara Bean's Husband Billy Beane former Baseball Player
Tara Bean’s Husband Billy Beane former Baseball Player

Other than baseball he excelled in many other sports like football and basketball. But his love for baseball remains the same. Due to this, he was selected for the varsity baseball team after his coach saw his performance on the school team.

After completing higher school, he enrolled at Stanford University. He was selected for Stanford Cardinal Football Team by keeping his good performance.

The Career of Tara Beane’s Husband, Billy Beans

Billy had a keen interest in baseball from his childhood. As mentioned earlier he first played for his school team and then for the Stanford Cardinal football Team. Afterward, he was selected by the New York Mets, which pick him for Major League Baseball. During his time with the Mets Billy’s career faces many up and down. However, he plays countless matches along with New York Mets.

At last Billy Beane approached the general manager of Athletic, Sandy, and got a position in the front office. Eventually, he was promoted to the assistant GM of Athletics. Athletics participated in three world cups under his supervision and gave a marvelous performance by getting the highest payroll in baseball. Billy then got a promotion and became the GM of Athletics. Followed by him took some bold steps and made some brilliant changes, which as a result made Athletics one of the best.

In 2002, Boston Red Sox offered Billy the position of GM at their franchise however, he declined it. Our sources the reason behind this decision is that he wanted to remain close to his family. Meanwhile, Billy’s contract with Athletics keeps on extending. At that time Billy proposes that he approached on the basis of research and analysis.

Due to his achievements at New York Mets, he was titled as the top 10 GM executives of the decade in all sports by Sports Illustrated. Many other coaches also follow his legacy. In the upcoming year, he has promoted to vice president of baseball operations Athletics. At the same time, he also gets an offer consultant at a software company name NetSuite.

In 2003, Michael Lewis wrote Moneyball-The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, a best-selling book surrounding Billy’s life. This book enfolds the methodologies and strategies of Billy to win the game. Afterward, Bennett Miller decided to make a film based on this book. The movie featuring Brad Pitt is a huge success on screen. Brad Pitt was nominated for an Oscar for his marvelous performance.

Billy Beans First Marriage with Cathy Sturdivant

As mentioned earlier Billy first fell in love with Cathy Sturdivant who was his college girlfriend. He also had a daughter Casey Beane. Billy and Cathy studied in the same school. Afterward, Cathy joined the University of California for graduation. Cathy married Billy in February 1986.

Billy and Cathy’s marriage failed, and they were separated. The detail of the divorce had not been shared with anyone. Billy and Tara are childhood friends and after Billy’s divorce, they started dating and married in 1999. They also have two twins Tinsley Beane and Brayden Beane.

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Moneyball: A Movie Surrounds Tara’s Husband’s Life

Moneyball, a novel-based movie brought huge fame to Billy’s life. Even though Billy was a well-acclaimed person before the movie as a successful basketball player and GM of the team, Moneyball makes him a hot topic among the people.

First Michael Lewis wrote it in 2003. Later, Moneyball became a best-selling book. In 2011, Bennett Miller turned this book into a movie with the same name. The movie was released in the year 2001. Moneyball was a sports drama film that portrayed the Oakland Athletics baseball team and especially, its GM Billy Beane.

The movie renders a vivid approach of Billy Beane by lifting a understate baseball team to one of the best teams. Brad Pitt a renowned Hollywood actor portrayed the role of Billy Beane and was nominated for Oscar for best actor.

David Nuno Interviews Billy Beane with Brad Pitt for the Movie Moneyball
David Nuno Interviews Billy Beane with Brad Pitt for the Movie Moneyball

Tara Bean: A Responsible Mother

Tara had twin children with the famous baseball player and GM of Oakland Baseball, Billy Beane. Tinsley Beane and Brayden Beane are young and currently studying in high school. However, the name of the school is not disclosed.

Tara proves herself to be the best mother. She took care of her children’s diet and other needs. Not only she is a good mother but also a good housewife. Moreover, Tara is also a stepdaughter of Casey Beane from her husband’s first marriage.

Tara and Casey had a great relationship. They share an amazing and beautiful bond. Tara loves and adores Casey like her own daughter. Whereas Casey plays the role of an elder sister to her half-siblings Tinsley and Brayden and shares a beautiful bond.

Casey Beane with her Step Mother Tara Beane
Casey Beane with her Step Mother Tara Beane

Who is Case Beane? Stepdaughter of Tara Beane

Casey is the daughter of Billy Beane. However, her biological mother is Cathy Sturdivant. Right now Casey is living with her father and stepmother Tara. Even though Casey is not Tara’s biological daughter, they live like a family and are spotted on many occasions.

Casey is not a social and open person. She prefers to live a private life. Due to this, there is nothing about her date of birth, age early education. Casey Beane had completed her graduation from Kenyon College in Gambier Ohio. Her grades show her dedication to her studies.

Currently, she is working in a company Citadel LLC, A Chicago-based company. She works there in the capacity of an affiliate of finance and accounting. We wish her the best of luck with her future and hope that she has a bright future up ahead.

Casey Beane Billy Bean's daughter from his first marriage
Casey Beane Billy Bean’s daughter from his first marriage

Social Media Presence of Tara

Tara prefers a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the media. She did not publicize often. For this reason, she did not have any social media accounts. She loves to spend her time at home with her children. Tara focuses all her energies on her home and raising her children.

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What is Tara Beane doing Right Now?

Even though Tara is the wife of a famous celebrity Billy Beane, she does not like to publicize her life. Therefore her social media account is not activated. She doesn’t have any accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Tara is a homemaker, a lovely mother, and a caring wife. She spends most of her time with her family. Besides spending her time at home, she loves to travel. She is also an animal lover. Currently, she is living with her husband and family in Oregon, USA.

What is Tara Beane’s Net Worth?

Tara is not a working woman. Instead, she is a housewife so he does not have an immense amount of assets. Currently, she has a net worth of $500,000. However, as we look into her husband’s life, he owns approximately $20 million, due to his successful career as a baseball player as well as the GM of Oakland Athletics.

Billy earns this money throughout his career. During his time on the board of Directors of Netsuite, he earned more than $4 million for his services. Moreover, Billy also gets paid $3 million annually for his position as the executive vice president of the baseball operation of the Oakland Athletics.

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