The Truth of Michael Galeotti Life, Divorce and Death

Late Michael Galeotti is the keyboardist in an indie rock band called Enation. He played for the for many years. However, the reason for his fame is his marriage with Bethany Joy Lenz, an American actress renowned for her various role in the film industry. She played an iconic role in the TV series One Tree Hill.

Late Michael Galeotti’s death is a big shock, neither his fans nor his colleagues believed that. He died in 2016, due to bad health conditions. However, before his death, he was already living a low-profile life. He had a daughter with the famous his-ex wife Bethany Lenz.

Late American Singer Michael Galeotti
Late American Singer Michael Galeotti

Michael Galeotti Date of Birth and Childhood

Michael was born on august 28, 1984. He was born in Long Island, America. Michael spent his whole life with his parents. He likes music since childhood. He goes to a private school. Where he learns music as well. His parents are Jewish. Michael chose music as his profession and his family support him. There is no more information about Michael’s personal life available. He passed away, in his 31st year.

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Michael Galeotti Academics

Michael went to a private school on Long Island. Where he learns about music and acting along with other subjects. However, no information about his high school or university degree is available. But he def like an educated and well-mannered individual.

Michael and Bethany Enjoying Their Vacations
Michael and Bethany Enjoying Their Vacations

Physical Appearance of Michael Galeotti

Michael was a handsome man with an incredible height of 6 feet. He had brown eyes and brown hair. He looks very attractive, however; there are some rumors about his health problem and alcohol addiction.

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As we talked about Michael’s family the only name that surfaced to our mind is his ex-wife Bethany. He was married to Bethany in 2005. They met in December the last month of 2005 and within a month, they got married. They welcomed their first child Maria Rose Galeotti, after six years of their marriage.

Furthermore, we do not know anything about his family background. He lives a very private life. He became famous after his marriage to Bethany. We had searched thoroughly but couldn’t find the names of his parents or siblings.

Bethany Joy Lenz and Her Ex-Husband
Bethany Joy Lenz and Her Ex-Husband

Professional Career and Passion of Michael

Michael was a very gifted and talented musician. At the age of 20, he began his career. In 2003, he joined a group called “Enation” and begin his acting career. This band was a project by Jonathan Jackson and Richard lee. Afterward, the two brothers added more people to their band. Michael joined this band in 2003, along with Amber Sweeney, but Amber left the group in 2005.

Michael remains with the band for 7 years. During the release of seven albums, including the blockbuster song “Feel This” during this time song is a part of the album “World Flight”, which was released in 2008. Afterward, this song was also included in the fifth season finale of the famous TV series “One Tree Hills”, in the voice of Bethany. The last album that he worked on in Enation is “My Ancient Rebellion”. The album was released in 2011. After this album, Michael quit the band. Following that also got divorced from Bethany.

Controversies of Michael’s Life

After the divorce, Bethany spoke to the people through social media. She announced her divorce from Michael. We will remain friends and raise our daughter in a friendly environment. The exact reason for divorce is unknown.

After many controversies rose about Michael’s life like alcohol addiction and allegations of DUI (Driving Under the Influence). All of these controversies affected him badly and he corned himself from the media.

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Michael Galotti’s Death Rumor

Michael had surrounded by many controversies. The largest one is about his death. Yes! You heard us right. His friend had found his dead body in his apartment. However, the media doesn’t get to see it. Some people confuse his death with someone else’s death. On the day when Michael died in 2016, another actor name Michael James Galeota also died. So there is confusion among the people about his death which is still unsettled.

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Michael Galeotti’s Net Worth

Michael’s career is very short span. He only works for 7 years in the music industry. He did many world tours with his band. We can estimate that he must have earned good fortune. Nevertheless, his exact net worth is unknown. People made speculation about his net worth. They believe that his net worth is around $ 100,000/-. However, our sources confirm that he had an approx. the net worth of $ 6 million.

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Social Media Presence

Michael was very active on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, he deactivated most of his accounts after his divorce from Bethany and his exit from the Enation. It looks like he wants to live a quiet life and peaceful life without getting into media headlines.

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Michael’s Galeotti Surprise Death

Nobody knows when he is going to die. Still, there are people whose death surprises people. Michael died in 2016. His body was found by his friend in his apartment. He had bad health conditions in the last period of his life. The diagnosed with many diseases during his last visit to the hospital, a week before his death.  He was diagnosed with diverticulitis along with high cholesterol. They recommend they to admit in the hospital he insists on leaving. So, he was discharged on his apprehension.

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