Maria Rose Galeotti The Only Child of Bethany Joy

You might know some people to whom you can say that they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Well, Maria Rose Galeotti is one of these children. As she is the daughter of Bethany Joy Lenz an American actress and late musical artist and singer Michael Galeotti. She is a princess to her parent and lives a life no less than a princess. Unfortunately, after her birth, her parents face some problems which lead to divorce.

Maria Rose Galeotti with her mother Bethany Joy Lenz, at a film  festival.
Maria Rose Galeotti with her mother Bethany Joy

Maria Rose Galeotti Biography | Early Life

On 23 February 2011, Maria Rose Galeotti was born, in California, USA. She is the only child of the American actress Bethany Joy Lenz and the late American musical artist and singer Michael Galeotti.

Two year old Maria along with her mother on a pedestrian.

Some Known Facts About Maria

Name Maria Rose Galeotti
Date of Birth23 February 2011
Age11 year old
EducationEnjoying her
primary education
EthnicityNot Available
BirthplaceCalifornia, USA
FatherMichael Galeotti
MotherBethany Joy Lenz
RelationshipToo young for
Not Selected
Net WorthToo young
Zodiac SignPisces
Kind, Honest, Artistic
Pessimistic, Lazy, Gullible

Maria Rose Parents

It is not known when did Bethany and Michael exactly meet the first time. However, they start dating and got married in the year 2005. They welcomed Maria Rose Galeotti, after six years of their marriage, Unfortunately, they got divorced a year later her birth.

Nevertheless, they made a decision to co-parent their child. After the divorce, Bethany issued a statement that they are not going to allow their divorce to have an impact on their little princess’s life. Moreover, they became good friends to raise their children.

As we talk about Maria’s life, for the time being, her mother kept her away from the spotlight and save it for the future.

Bethany Joy Lenz with her Late husband Michael Galeotti.
Late American singer Michael Galeotti, with her wife Bethany Joy Lenz

Educational Background

Currently, Maria is living with her mother. She is 11 years old and enjoying her life. Bethany likes to keep her daughter’s life private.

Hence, there is no specific information available regarding Maria’s education. As she is 11 years old right now, we can assume that she is going to a primary school. The school’s information is, however, unavailable.

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Physical Appearances

Maria Rose Galeotti is just an 11-year-old girl. This is the growing age of children, which means their height, weight, and body does not remain the same, and so does Maria. However, we can say that her height and weight are average as compared to other children of her age.

11 year old Maria Rose Galeotti, wearing a magenta color dress.

Maria’s Professional life | Career

We see many children of different Celebrities working from a very young age. Maria Rose is an 11-year-old kid. Right now, she is not in any sort of professional line.

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Maria Rose Galeotti’s Net Worth

Maria is a child and does not have any professional career. So, it is insane to make guess about his net worth. However, her mother has reported of estimated $10 million net worth.

In addition to her late father, who is said to have had a net worth of millions, it is unclear exactly what he owned. Both of her parents have a lot of money, which means she lives a life no less than a princess.

Death of Maria’s father Michael

Maria got love, affection, and attention from both of her parents. After the divorce, Maria’s father Michael starts to be distancing himself from the media. Yet, his love for his daughter does not decrease. Even after the divorce, he proved himself to be a lovely, caring father.

There was a diagnosis of hypertension, diverticulitis, and high cholesterol in his blood. The doctor told him to quit drinking because of his health conditions. Even so, he neglected the doctor’s advice.

He had to visit the hospital in late 2015. Doctor asked him to spend some time in a hospital bed for proper treatment, but he denied it.

A short time after his hospital visit in January 2016, he passed away. According to the doctor, the reason for death is atherosclerotic heart disease.

Nevertheless, Maria’s mother Bethany loved her very much. Her love and affection are sufficient to fulfill her father’s place.

Michael and Bethany, holding a dog, posing for a camera.

Bethany Joy Lenz

She is the daughter of actress and filmmaker Bethany Joy Lenz. She was born on April 2, 1981.

The first time she ever sings is for the church, as a youngster. By the age of seven, she already joined the Creative Art School and Theater. There she learned singing, dancing, and acting.

A local production The Wonderful Wizard of OZ around that time offered her the first role of her career as a Munchkin.

Bethany’s first official role is in a doll ad in a teen drama series Swans Crossing. As turned 11, she got a role in the movie ‘’Psalty’s Salvation Celebrations’’ as Shelly Barnes. The movie was released in 1992.

Another role she performed is ‘’Linda Halleck’’ in the horror movie ‘’ Thinner’’ in 1996.  Lenz got the spot when she starred in the CBS daytime show Guiding Light. She was just seventeen by that time.

Bethany Joy Lenz looking gorgeous as French girl in a movie role.

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