Do You Know About Jessica Monty? Ex-Wife of Pablo Schreiber

Jessica Monty a yoga instructor and chef, became famous when she married actor Pablo Schreiber. American actor, Pablo Schreiber is a renowned and well-known figure in the film industry. Pablo played the role of George ‘Pornstache’ Mendez in the popular TV series “Orange is the New Black”.

 In 2007, Jessica and Pablo married after dating each other for several years. They have two sons together: Timoteo Scheiber and Dante Scheiber. Afterward, they faced a lot of problems in their relationship, resulting in divorce in 2014.

Chef Jessica Monty Picking vegetable Herself to Make Lunch
Chef Jessica Monty Picking vegetable Herself to Make Lunch

Jessica Monty Early Life / Biography

Jessica Monty was born in the USA on 21st May 1980. She was raised in Miami Florida. There isn’t any information about the names and personnel data of parents of Jessica on social media. However, once she shared that her mother is a fisherwoman, she has no knowledge about her biological father. Hence, she was raised by a single mother.

During an interview, Jessica said that she is inspired by her grandmother. She always taught her to be friendly with everyone.

Educational Background of Jessica

As talking about academic history of Jessica, her elementary school is unknown. However, she had a keen interest in sports since elementary school. In 1998, she was admitted the to Institute of Integrative Nutrition High School. Other information about her school life is missing.

After completing her education, she was enrolled in the Institute of Natural Gourmet, a foundation that offers education in a health-supportive and plant-based curriculum. She graduated in Culinary Arts and became a famous chef.

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Jessica Monty is very beautiful and stunning even though she has two children. Jessica has naturally long curly brown hair which she likes wearing half up and half down. She also has dark brown beautiful eyes. Moreover, she is 41 years old, and her height is 5ft and 5 inches.

The complexion of Jessica Monty is very dark because she spends most of her time at the beach, surfing, and swimming. Her weight is around 55 kg since she is very careful about her diet and physical activities. Jessica likes to wear casual dresses and western clothes made from natural fabrics like linen and cotton. Raquel Allegra is a fashion designer who has a clothing brand and store in Los Angeles. She is also a friend of Jessica and made clothes for her.

Ex-Wife of Pablo Schreiber

What is The Profession of Jessica Monty?

Jessica Monty is a chef by her profession. However, she is also a yoga instructor and has great skills in surfing. Right now, she is a chef at Kelly Slater Company. She is very health conscious and cooked a healthy meal with minimum or zero fat and other unhealthy ingredients.

Furthermore, she is also running a cooking channel on YouTube. Where he teaches people how to make healthy food in their homes. She also had some exclusive clients, which prefer her cooking instead of hoteling. Jason Mamoa, a famous American actor is also on her exclusive client list.

Divorce Between Pablo and Jessica

Pablo and Jessica both were married for seven years. However, the couple faces many problems in their married life. Hence, they decided to end their marriage and filed for divorce in January 2014, which was finalized in 2015.
During that process, the custody of both children was given to Jessica. Moreover, the court ordered Pablo to provide child support to Jessica. Pablo agreed to these terms and was allowed to meet his children whenever he wants.

Jessica received half of his assets as spouse support. In 2018, Jessica decided to give love another chance and start dating Dr matt Montee, a Ph.D. from Cornell University in medical sciences.

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Does Pablo and Jessica Shares Any Children?

Jessica Monty has two children with Pablo Schreiber. Both are boys: Timoteo and Dante. Timoteo was born on 20 October 2008 whereas the date of birth of Dante was 19 February 2012.

Both kids like to do a lot of sports e.g. swimming, horse riding, skiing, and hitchhiking. Jessica tries to spend time with her children as much as possible while she is busy with her work. They go to different destinations on their vacation like swimming in the ocean and hiking.

Pablo Schreibier, Dante Schreiber and Timo Schreiber in a Film Festival
Pablo Schreibier, Dante Schreiber and Timo Schreiber in a Film Festival

Hobbies and Interests of Jessica

Jessica loves cooking and shares her dishes and recipes on her Instagram account. The food that she likes includes fish, vegetables, herbs, and nuts, which are natural and healthy. She also likes to make it with coconut oil instead of artificial oil because it is healthier.

Moreover, Jessica has a silver Labrador dog called Vega Red. She also loves poetry and sometimes poem that is written by a famous American poet named Maya Angelou such as “Phenomenal Woman”. Jessica loves dancing and taking dancing classes. She enjoys spending time on the river and a small pond with the fishing rod in her neighborhood.

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Jessica Monty’s Net Worth

Jessica Monty’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million. She makes her life worth living in her long professional career. On the other hand, her ex-husband’s net worth was $4 million when Jessica filed for a divorce. Pablo also provided her with spousal assistance.

Through Instagram, we can see that Jessica lives a very upper-class life with her children. Both children of Jessica live with her. She frequently travels and spends time with her friends and family on vacations.

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Social Media Presence

Jessica Monty has an Instagram account on social media. She is very active on Instagram and enjoys receiving the attention of more than 5000 followers. She does not have an account on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platform.

Jessica Monty Ex-Husband “Pablo Schreiber”

Pablo Schreiber was born on 26 April 1978 in British Columbia. He is a famous Canadian American actor, as well as a film producer.  He holds both American and Canadian nationality. His famous TV series is “Vicky Christina Barcelona” (2008), “Nights in Rodanthe” (2008), and “First Man” (2018). He is also famous for playing the role of George ‘Pornstache’ Mendez in “Orange is the New Black” and Ricky Falcone in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (2013 – present). Pablo was nominated for several awards throughout his career. Among those nominations, he won several awards including the awards for “Orange is the new black”.

Pablo Schreiber
Pablo Schreiber

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