Ingrid Quinn: Does David Boreanaz Cheat on his First Wife?

Ingrid Quinn is the ex-wife of renowned Hollywood actor David Boreanaz. She lived a simple life before and after her marriage. That is why little information is available about her on media and the internet. She became famous and comes under the media spotlight due to his ex-husband’s extramarital relationship.

Even though David was married, he still acts like a bachelor, which is the primary reason for his divorce from Ingrid. It didn’t take long for David and Ingrid to break up. Soon, after their divorce, David remarried.

Ingrid Quinn
Ingrid Quinn

An Overview of Ingrid Quinn’s Biography

Ingrid Quinn has a loveable personality and cares about people other than herself. She is a welfare worker and works for numerous organizations that work for the poor and needy all over the world. Her ethnicity is mixed which is Irish American.

She was born on 16 May 1970 and will be celebrating her 53rd birthday in 2023. Ingrid’s parents gave her a unique name. They name her after the Norse goddess of fertility. Her name means “loved” and “beautiful”. She was born in Austin, Texas United States of America, carrying a US passport.

A Libra would be her zodiac sign if we talked about it, according to her date of birth. As her birth sign suggested, she is the queen of compromise. Even though her husband David Boreanaz cheats on her she still tries to nurture her marriage. Moreover, she is generous and well-balanced in her life.

Ingrid loves privacy and does not want to be dragged in front of the media. That is why most of her life is hidden from the camera. We don’t know much about her childhood and family as well. Her educational background is also missing however, it seems that she is a university graduate.

Ingrid’s Quinn Age and Physical Attributes

Ingrid is an elegant woman with a very charming and attractive personality. Even though she will be 53 years old in 2023 but still looks very young. She had blonde hair that enhanced her looks. Moreover, she is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 55 kg. To maintain her body fitness, she does exercise regularly and takes a proper diet.

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Beginning of Ingrid Quinn and David’s Relationship

Quinn met David in 1994. At that time, she was working for an NGO that helps poor and needy people and took care of homeless children. David had also started his career. It is unknown where they both first meet each other. However, they like each other’s company.

They started dating and for the next three years, they became a couple. Things were going quite well and they were so in love with each other. In 1997, they both decided to get married and tie the knot in the same year. Ingrid was very happy as she was marrying the man of her dreams.

Ingrid Quinn along with her ex-husband David Boreanaz
Ingrid Quinn along with her ex-husband David Boreanaz

Divorce Between Ingrid Quinn and David

Relationships don’t have to end happily in every case. The same happens to Ingrid. After her marriage to David, she tries her best to nourish her marriage. On the other hand, David cares nothing about his marriage. He cheats on Ingrid so many times.

The history of cheating goes way back to his bachelor life. Before marriage, David was known as a wild man. He was notorious for his lifestyle of partying. However, after marriage, he was changed. At least, that is what we all thought. The start of Ingrid’s relationship with David is lovely. Ingrid even quit her job to support her husband.

But during the shooting of Angel and Buffy David get too close to his co-star. This makes Ingrid very suspicious, because of David’s infamous past. Things got so out of control that Ingrid started to visit the set just to check on her husband.

Reasons Behind the Divorce

Afterward, David developed a habit of Hollywood typical nightlife. He started to hang out with many girls. In the beginning, Ingrid let off this matter, as she was more concerned about saving her marriage. But eventually, there is a point came where she decided that she can’t live like that.

The fact that her husband isn’t loyal and had a mistress is unbearable. They decided that their paths should be separated in their mutual interest. So just after two years of their marriage, they parted. Divorce proceedings were filed by David and Ingrid in 1999, and which finalized in the same year.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make. They both avoid media and does give any statement regarding their statement. It is also not confirmed whether there was some effort or not for the reconciliation of marriage from either of them. Despite everyone’s efforts, nothing could be done. It was the end of the road for them.

David Does Not Only Cheats on Ingrid

As mentioned earlier, David married his co-star and model Jaime Bergman after getting divorced from Ingrid. The couple was living happily until David confess to an extramarital affair. At that time, David was working on a drama called “Bones.”

Jaime Bergman was his second wife whom he married in 2001 when she was pregnant with their second child. Regarding the cheating scandal, at first, the girl’s identity is kept hidden from the media. However, it was confirmed through reliable sources that the woman was Rachel Uchitel, a nightclub manager.

David Boreanaz with his wife Jaime and children
David Boreanaz with his wife Jaime and children

Afterward, David also tells the media that he was also threatened by his former mistress to contact the media outlets and share private information. This whole episode had a severe impact on the marriage of David and Jaime and the couple entered marriage counseling to work on their relationship.

One year after the incident, in 2011 the actor told the media outlet that they have successfully reconciled, however, they had to pass through trauma due to this incident. He also mentions that:

This had become a bonding experience, in the long run. Marriage is a sacred ground on which the only currency is loyalty. You do not cheat at any cost. However, sometimes you still find yourself out of it. The reason would be unknown but that can destroy it.”

David Boreanaz Always Admired his Ex-wife Ingrid Quinn

Ingrid and David were married when David was no superstar. He was going through a tough time. Ingrid support and love him unconditionally. David always appreciates Ingrid and shows his gratitude toward her. In 1999, even though his divorce from Ingrid is in process he mentioned to E! Online that it was a blessing to have a partner like Ingrid who always stood by her side no matter what. Moreover, he said:

“Ingrid supports me during my hard time like no one. We both have the same mind and attitude toward life. Both of us believed that if you don’t get something, then surely it was not meant for you. She helps me along my career in every way possible. Like preparing for something, rehearsing lines with me, giving me the courage, and believing in me.”

Do Ingrid Quinn and David Boreanaz Share Children?

As the marriage between Ingrid and David remain for only two years, they do not share any children. Moreover, after separation Ingrid prefers to maintain a low profile so, it is unknown whether she has any children afterward.

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Biography of Ingrid’s Husband David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz is an American actor who became famous after playing the vampire turned private investigator role. He is American by birth and was born on May 1969. Hence carries an American passport.

As we talk about his parents he was born to Dave Robert and Patti Boreanaz. He carries his mother’s surname. Patti was a travel agent. Moreover, David also has two siblings Bo and Beth. David has mixed ethnicity. His father Dave has an Italian Slovenian ethnicity. On his mother’s side, he is Irish, German, and French.

David’s parents decided to move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They took the decision as Dave, the father of David got a job at WPVI-TV, an ABC affiliate that operates in Philadelphia. Looking at his childhood, he was raised catholic and goes to Rosemount School of the Holy Child in Rosemount.

David starts his career as a weather forecaster. He also hosts a children’s show on TV in the early days of his career. Afterward, he got many roles that bought him fame and success.

Ingrid Quinn's Ex-Husband David Boreanaz
Ingrid Quinn’s Ex-Husband David Boreanaz

How Much is Ingrid Quinn’s Net Worth

Ingrid is a self-dependent woman who works hard and knows her way to get to the top. As mentioned earlier he works for many welfare organizations. Right now, she has a total net worth of around $500,000.

Contrary to Ingrid, her former husband David is also quite successful. He is a renowned actor along with a successful director and producer. He receives approximately $250,000 for one episode of the series “Angel”. His total net worth is around $30 million.

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Is Ingrid Quinn Married?

By our reports after getting divorced from David, Ingrid does not marry. She prefers to live a low-profile life. It is unknown where is she living right now and what does she for a living. On the other hand, David was married to his fellow actress and model, Jaime Bergman. They were married in 2001.

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