Who is Holden Fletcher Fraser? Everything You Need to Know?

Brendan Fraser is a Canadian American superstar. He was known for his iconic role in The Mummy series. Brendan has a son known as Holden Fletcher Fraser. Holden’s father has also acted in many super-hit movies besides The Mummy. Holden’s Mommy is Afton Smith.

In the same manner, as his father, Holden decides to work in showbiz. However, Holden chooses a different line of work. Right now, he’s a model and works on many different projects with different brands.

Holden Flatcher Fraser
Holden Flatcher Fraser

Holden Fletcher Biography, Early Life

Portland celebrity kid. He was born on August 16th, 2004. As of 2023, he will be 18 years old. Holden is famous due to his father that is Brendan Fraser. Moreover, his grandparents are Peter Fraser and Carol Fraser. Moreover, ethnicity of Fletcher is mixed. His father is Irish, Scottish, German, Czech, and French Canadian. Contrary To his father, his mother is Caucasian.

Holden is a bright kid from his childhood. He has a unique way of conducting his thoughts to other people with words. For example, once he was in the park and saw a flowering tree. He went straight to his father and told him, “Look, Daddy, it’s raining petals”.

Educational background of Holden Fletcher

Even though Holden Fletcher is a public figure and a kid of history. Most of his childhood is not available on media. Including his educational background. His current school is likely a private one.

Brendan Fraser’s family is an educated family. Brendan himself goes to Upper Canada college. Afterward, he attended a Toronto boarding school. Brendan’s wife, Afton Smith, is also an educated woman.

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Who are the Siblings of Holden Fletcher Fraser?

Holden has two more brothers. He is a middle child His elder brother is Griffin Arthur Fraser. Griffin was born in 2002. In 2006, Leland Francis Fraser, Holden’s youngest brother, was born. Hold an elder brother Griffin is sick. He was born with a rare condition known as Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). Due to this condition. He needs extra care and love and there is no doubt that his family provides for him.

Childhood image of Holden with his three brothers and father
Childhood image of Holden with his three brothers and father

First meet-up of Holden Fletcher Fraser’s Parents

Holden Fletcher Fraser’s Parents were first met at a party. In 1993, Winona Ryder, a celebrity Arrange a party at her house. Winona is a mutual friend. So, both, Afton and Brendan were invited to this party. This was July 4, 1993.

During this party, they get to talk to each other. They both felt comfortable around each other. After the party, they both decided to give themselves another chance and soon goes on an official date. They felt this power between them and became a couple.

On September 27, 1998, they married after dating for a few years. Holden’s parents walk down the aisle with the bride.

The wedding ceremony is very low key and not many people were invited to this function. During their marriage, they shared more than a decade of happiness. Unfortunately, the couple split up. However, the reason for the split was not told to the media.

The Separation Between Holden’s Parents

In December 2017, the couple decided to divorce. At that time, Holden was three-year-old. Despite being divorced, their parents decided that they will not let their separation affect their children’s life. At the time of the divorce, no one was told the real reason behind their separation.

Afterward, Brendan revealed everything to his fellows. Holden’s father told that during his time together with his wife, he had to face many problems including sexual harassment. He also loses his beloved mother during that time.

Brendan also revealed that he was harassed by the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Philip Berk. All these traumatic events led him to make a decision to separate. After the divorce settlement, the court ordered Brendan to pay $50,000 monthly alimony for 10 years or until after remarried. Additionally, he had to pay $25,000 monthly as child support. That was a huge amount.

In early 2011, Brendan decided to petition against this alimony in court. According to Holden’s father’s lawyer, his client couldn’t fulfill the yearly obligation of $600,000. However, the court decided against the Brendan petition.

The Relationship Between Holden Fletcher and His Father is Wonderful

Even though Holden does not live with his father anymore. His mother has custody of the children after the divorce between them. He still loves his dad. Meeting with his dad is a great opportunity for him and he always waits for it. Holden also knew that his father loved him so much that he can take a bullet for him.

Holden’s dad revealed this in an interview with Parade

“In the event that I had to jump in front of a train for their safety, I would. The only thing you can do is try, even if you can’t protect them from everything”.

Although Brendan has a quite tough schedule as he was working on many projects. However, his children and family still come first to him. He knows as a father, the most important thing he can provide for his family is his time. So, each and every day he comes home kisses his children, and hugs them.

He Disliked the Profession of His Father During His Childhood

The profession of Holden’s father angered him as a child, as it does to all children. He doesn’t like it when his dad said that he’s going to work. Holden asks his daddy what he does. Brendan always answered this cute question by telling them that their dad defeats bad guys. However, Holden’s mind is incapable of grabbing the situation. In the end, he hates the profession of his father. But these are the things that a child would do. Now burning children Holden and Griffin are grown up. They both understand now what their daddy has to do for a living.

Does Holden Fletcher Already Select His Career?

Holly Fletcher Fraser is currently studying in a high school, so it is a little early to assume what he would do in his life. We are not sure whether he would become an actor just like his father or he would choose another profession. It won’t be a surprise for us if he chooses the same path as his father. Meanwhile, Holden has done some modeling for different brands.

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Holden Fletcher Fraser’s Father, Brendan Fraser Biography

Brendan Fraser, the father of Holden Fraser, is an American Canadian actor. He was born on December 3, 1968. Every father belongs to Canada, and their names are Peter Fisher and Carol Mary. Brendan was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

Brendan along with his family in a pumpkin field
Brendan along with his family in a pumpkin field

Brendan Biography

As we talk about Brendan’s siblings, he is the younger of four siblings. He doesn’t have any sisters. But, he had three brothers elder than him. He has mixed ethnicity. His ancestors are from France, Canada, Ireland, and Scotland. United States.

Even though he was born in United State, he spent most of his childhood in different countries like Netherlands, Switzerland, and Canada. During his time in Canada, he went to a boarding school, Upper Canada College in Toronto, Canada. Moreover, he went to London on a vacation for almost a year.

During his visit to London, he attended a play in the West End. At this point in his life, he gets attracted to acting and decides that he would pursue it as his career. After completing high school, he was enrolled at Seattle’s Cornish College of the arts. In this institute, he studies arts and acting. He got a degree in bachelor of arts in the same institute.

The Career of Brendan Fletcher

Later, he intended to enroll at Southern Methodist University to study acting but changed his mind at the last minute and moved to Hollywood. He wanted to try his luck in his acting career. He made his debut in a TV film known as “Child of Darkness, Child of Light”.

Later, he also performed small roles in movies like “Dog fight” and “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”. In 1992, he get his first iconic role as a prehistoric caveman who lives in the present day, in the comedy movie Encino Man. In the following years, he established his resume by appearing in various movies. At last, he got the lead role as Rick O’Connell in the movie “The Mummy, Trilogy”.

Afterward, Brendan appeared in many movies with leading roles. Some of them are,

Rick O’Connell, however, is the biggest of them all. Hence, his career starts to decline. This also affects his personal life badly. After several years of struggling and waiting, in 2015 he got the role of Billy Anderson in the miniseries “Texas Rising”. Additionally, he does voice-overs for Doom Patrol. In addition to “Batgirl” and “Killer of the Flower Moon”, he has several other projects in development.

In the meantime, he also got divorced, which puts him in a very tight spot, both emotionally and financially. He must pay his ex-wife $600,000 annually as alimony and child support. This impacted his wealth so badly that he had a negative net worth. However, he has recovered from this phase of his life. A total of $20 million is Brendan’s net worth as of right now.

Holden's father along with her new girlfriend
Holden’s father along with her new girlfriend

Where Does Holden Fletcher’s Mother Live?

Afton Smith is the mother of Holden Fletcher. She was born on December 3, 1967 in Long Island, New York. The interesting thing about Afton’s birthday is that she was born on the same day as her ex-husband, but a year earlier. She touches the height of fame after marrying superstar Brendan. Afterward, she also starts acting. The debut of her career came with “Less Than Zero”. This was a crime drama, and she played the role of Kim.

Later, Afton also appeared in other movies, like Reality Bites, Fried Green Tomatoes, and many more. Her husband and she also starred together in the movie “George of The Jungle” a few years later.  The estimated net worth of Afton is around $3 million. Most of which is come from the divorce settlement.

After separation from Brendan, Afton decided to remain single. She diverts all her attention to her children’s future. She wants them to be very successful in life. Reading books is one of her hobbies. Afton herself wrote a book called “Hollywood Picks the Classic: A Guide for the Beginner & the Aficionado”.

What are the Social Media Accounts of Holden Fletcher?

Despite Holder’s Father is a great star, his social media profiles aren’t active. On the other hand, his father and mother both are active on Instagram. His father is quite a celebrity and has. 140K followers. Similarly, her mother also shared posts about his family, work, and passion.

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