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Daniel Versace is the son of fashion icon Donatella Versace and Paul Beck, an ex-fashion model. Being a member of the Versace family has its benefits for the fashion world. As it is one of the most respected names in the fashion industry. Daniel is a very private person. He is a rockstar by profession. His notorious relationship with his parents Donatella and Paul is quite the spark these days. Versace is the second name of fashion. Despite being so wealthy and successful, Daniel chooses to stay away from all of it. He chooses a separate life away from all the fame and limelight. He also did not inherit his family business as his sister did.

Daniel during his teenhood
Daniel During His Teenhood

Daniel Versace’s Biography, Early Life, and Profession

Daniel Versace was born in 1989, in Italy. He was born in Calabria. Due to privacy reasons, he had not shared the exact date and month of his birth. He has mixed ascent, American and Italian, because his mother is Italian, and his father is an American model. 

Daniel and his sister Allegra Versace grew up outside of their hometown. Allegra Versace is the director at Versace. Even after Daniel has a family background that is admired all over the world, he does not want any limelight from the media. We have not known other things about his personal life or childhood.

Paul Beck With His Children
Paul Beck With His Children

Early life And Education of Daniel Versace

He doesn’t live a very prominent life. Daniel’s family also respects his choice and does not disclose any of the information. His childhood life is still unknown along with other information like his school name, his majors in college, etc.

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How Does Daniel Versace Look Like?

Daniel is quite a charming man. He has a decent and attractive personality, with a height of 5 feet 7 inches. Moreover, he had light brown hair. His weight and height are in great proportion. Daniel’s body weight is 65 Kg. He had brown eyes.

Daniel Versace
Daniel Versace

Daniel’s Family

Daniel is the son of ex-American supermodel Paul Beck and Donatella Versace. His mother is the sister of the world-class fashion designer Gianni who has launched Versace a fashion icon.

Daniel also had a sister named, Allegra Versace. He and Allegra grew up together. However, due to some unknown conflicts between the family, Daniella is cut off completely from the family. On the other hand, Allegra owns 50 % of the share of Versace. She is the director of Versace.

Daniel Versace's with mother Donatella and sister Allegra.
Daniel Versace’s Family

How did Daniel’s parents meet | Marriage | Divorce?

Paul and Donatella meet in 1980 for the first time. They are no exact detail on how and where they met. Soon they started dating and tied notes in 1983. This is a very private gathering and only a handful of guests arrived.

However, the couple got unlucky and parted ways in 2000, after two divorces. Due to their secretive nature, they haven’t told anyone exactly under what circumstances they divorce each other.

Donatella Married Life
Donatella Married Life


He wanted to make his name in the music industry. For this purpose, he also chose music as his work and passion. Afterward, Daniel decided that he would not involve in the family business. Right now, he is a rock band musician and singer. Daniella is currently living in England.

The Net Worth of Daniel Versace

The name of Versace bought you both fame and fortune. Even though Daniella is completely separate from his family, the name of his uncle Gianni Versace still has a huge impact on his living style. His net worth is approximately $8 million. Most of his earnings are from music and from the art he received from his deceased uncle.

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Daniel Relationship Status

Daniella does not like to talk about his personal life openly in public and media. Most of the aspect of his life is unknown. His relationship status is also a mystery. He was seen with a girl on some occasions, however, the name of the girl is still unknown.


The relationship between Daniel and his parents is quite complicated. He is no longer with them. Daniel’s mother Donatella is the sister of Gianni Versace, the man who started the brand Versace. After the death of Gianni, Daniel’s mother and sister got a lot of money. However, Daniel receives only the art collection from him. He does get along with his family. On the other hand, his sister owns approximately 50% of the company after Gianni, because she has a very special connection with him.

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Social media Activity

The celebrity kid is not active on social media form. For example, he has no Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. He was last seen in England, so we can assume that he is living in England right now.

Versace's Family
Versace’s Family

Gianni Maria Versace | The Real Owner of Versace

Gianni Versace founded the brand Versace in Italy in 878. He was a fashion designer. Versace is a luxury brand. Before making his own brand, Gianni had worked for Genny, Complice, and Callaghan. 

Gianni was born on December 2, 1946. He had an excellent fashion sense from a very young age. Gianni use to go with his mother to work, she is a seamstress. Noticing his talent for fashion, Gianni’s mother sent him to Milan to study fashion and polish his skills and talent.

Gianni has three siblings, Tina, Santos, and Donatella. Tina died at a very young age.  In 1998, Santos also died, leaving the business legacy of their family on Donatella’s shoulders.

Gianni Maria the Owner of Versace
Gianni Maria the Owner of Versace

Who is the Owner of Versace Now?

Versace was owned by the Versace family for decades. They had own 80% of the share and the remaining share was owned by Blackstone. However, the ownership changed in 2018, when Michael Kors an American Fashion company bought all the Versace shares for $2.1 Billion. However, Michael Kors Limited does not terminate the old management. Instead, they offered them the same position. Donatella is still in the post of Creative Director of the brand.

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