The Truth of Connie Kline: Jammie Fox’s Mysterious Ex-Girlfriend

Connie Kline is an ex-military veteran. However, she is publicly known as the ex-girlfriend of Jamie Fox. Her relationship with the comedian was brief, and she shared a daughter Corinne Fox. On the other hand, Jammie Fox is a popular comedian, singer, and songwriter. He won a Grammy Award which is a huge success. He composes his own music. Moreover, he had some marvelous acting roles in the list of his achievements including “The Electro” from “Amazing Spider-Man”.

Before joining the military Connie was a schoolteacher in the United state. However, the job description is not available. After joining the military as a veteran she was appointed in different countries all over the world due to her job. Nowadays she is working at CK Financial as an accountant, which offers taxing services to their clients.

Connie Kline ex-military Veteran
Connie Kline ex-military Veteran

Early life

Connie Kline is not a very public person. She prefers to live a private life. Most of the facts are hidden from the media and the public. However, certain things are available. She was born on 20 January 1969. In 2022, she celebrated her 53 birthday. Connie is an American national born in California and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

She likes sports from the beginning and was quite good at soccer. Sometimes she also played volleyball. Connie was an active student who was not only good in her studies but also participated in extracurricular activities.


Educational Background of Connie Kline

There is less to talk about the educational background of Connie Kline. Most of the facts are hidden. She completed high school in California and then moved to New York where she stayed for a short period and then moved to Los Angeles. She had gone to a university however the name of the university and her majors are not known.


Some people are very shy and do not want to be a part of media highlights. It makes them very uncomfortable. Connie is one such person. Her parent and sibling’s name is a secret that she does not reveal till now. However, by looking at her personality we can assume that her parents were amazing people. 

Connie Kline with Family
Connie Kline with Family

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Connie Kline’s Profession and Passion

Connie Kline and Jammie Fox were quite a thing in the 90s. Jammie writes songs and Connie was in the Air Force as a veteran. She had visited various parts of the world during her job. In the 90s, she served in the American Air Force for 5 years. During her duty, she talked about her inspiration for joining AirForce. She said that her mother is her biggest inspiration.

Connie is a multi-skilled woman. After retiring from the Air Force, Connie does not want to spend her time sitting idly at home, so she decided to be a schoolteacher. She started her teaching job in Manhattan and after some time moved to North Carolina.

Right now, she is an accountant and suggests tax advice to her customers at CK Financial. Her advice helps her clients avoid any sort of trouble with the IRA. She also worked at the Knights Columbus Organisation for some time.

Connie Kline and her daughter Corrine Foxx
Connie Kline and her daughter Corrine Foxx

Net Worth of Connie Kline

Connie is working at CK Financial; however, she does not reveal exactly how much she is paid. She also worked in the US Air Force and earned quite a fortune. The average annual salary of a US Air Force serviceman is $67,599. We can assume that she has a good net worth. Connie Kline’s house is 5000 square feet. This house is a gift from Jammie Fox, Jammie is really a gentleman. Moreover, Jammie also gifted her a Mercedes Benz. Connie’s net Worth is around $1.5 million.

Social media

Nowadays everyone is connected to social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram gave people the opportunity to connect with people all over the world and express themselves. Connie is also active on social media. She had an account on Facebook as well as on Twitter.


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Relationship With Jamie Fox: The Grammy Winner Singer

Connie Kline and Jammie Fox met in the early 90s. Connie lived a very secretive life. Fans of Jammie know about her daughter Corinne Fox; however, they have no clue about her mother. Unless in 2016, when she was spotted by RadarOnline. Right now, she is living in California in her huge 5000 square feet house.

Jamie Fox an American Actor
Jamie Fox an American Actor

When Did They Meet?

Jammie and Connie first met in 1992. They both felt a spark between them, so they started dating. However, soon they both realize that they are not meant for each other. So, they decided to part ways peacefully. They had a daughter Corinne. Just like his father Corinne is a model and actress.

Connie Kline Relationship Status

After Connie’s relationship with Jammie, she is not involved with any other man. Not that we are aware of. She remains single and spends her life alone. She is still living in California but is not engaged in a relationship.

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