Charlotte Easton Gillies, Celebrity Kid of Rachel and Daniel

Charlotte Easton Gillies is a celebrity kid. She is the daughter of Daniel Gillies and Rachel Leigh. Like all other celebrity kids, she grabs the media attention the day she was born. That’s because her parents are renowned individuals. Charlotte’s parents work in the film industry, and both are actors. Daniel, her father also directs and produces movies, whereas her mother has great acting skills.

As we talk about Charlotte’s maternal grandparents, Thomas H. Cook and Joann Cook are maternal parents. Moreover, Ben Cook is her maternal uncle. Thomas H. Cook was a social specialist and a well-educated personality.

Charlotte has the nickname Charlo. However, only her family members are allowed to call her by that name. she is a very cute and adorable, lovely girl with so much to experience in life.

Charlotte Easton Gillies
Charlotte Easton Gillies

Charlotte Easton Gillies Biography and Early Life

The birth of a child brings incomparable joy to parents. The birth of Charlotte bought so much joy to Rachel and Daniel’s life. Having a daughter after nine years of marriage is also a very special occasion. She was born on 28 September 2013 and in 2023 she will celebrate her 10th birthday.

According to her birthday, her zodiac is Libra. Libra people are charming, beautiful, and well-balanced in life, and well our star kid has all these qualities. Her father Daniel Gillies is extremely happy about her birth. He used Twitter to announce her arrival. He wrote:

It’s a girl. My tiniest new empress. She’s immaculate. We are delirious.”

Pregnant Rachel Leigh and Her Husband on her first pregnancy after 9 years of their marriage
Pregnant Rachel Leigh and Her Husband on her first pregnancy after 9 years of their marriage

Charlotte is the long-awaited child of her parents. So, they thought of a special name for her. Charlotte is French originated name, and its meaning is “Free Man”. On the other hand, her middle name Easton has an English origin, and it was given to the people who belong to the east.

Charlotte belongs to a talented family. Her maternal grandparents are Thomas Howard Cook and Joann. Thomas used to be a stand-up comedian and Joann was a cooking expert and weaver. Aside from cooking delicious traditional dishes, she also teaches people how to prepare them.

As we speak about her ethical background, she belongs to mixed ethnicity. Charlotte’s mother Racheal is half-English and half-Italian, and her father is of Jewish and English descent.

Younger Brother of Charlotte Easton Gillies

After Charlotte Rachel gave birth to another child. This time God grant them a boy. They decided to give him a unique name and came up with Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies. The younger brother of Charlotte was born on April 4, 2015. He was 8 years old as of 2023.

Rachel and Daniel with Theodore, younger brother of Charlotte Easton Gillies
Rachel and Daniel with Theodore, younger brother of Charlotte Easton Gillies

Charlotte loved her brother and took extra care of him. After his brother’s birth, she became an elder sister and quite liked it. She is very responsible and sweet. Charlotte loves to spend time with her brother while playing with him.

Daniel is a very responsible father. He believes that a person should only have two children. So, that he can properly raise them. In an interview in 2017, on the question of having a third child, Daniel show concerns about his as well as his wife’s health. Charlotte’s father also said:

“I want to be able to give these two my love, attention, and my care. I would like to stop now.”

Who are Charlotte Easton Gillies’s Parents?

Charlotte’s parents are well-renowned personalities in Hollywood. They both are fine actors and worked on several mega projects. Daniel Gillies, Charlotte’s dad is a Canadian / American actor. Moreover, he is also a producer, director, and screenwriter.

Elijah Mikaelson was one of his major roles in Vampires Diaries.” The other co-stars of the series are Kat Graham, Joseph Morgan, Nathalie Kelley, and many more. Vampire Diaries is a blockbuster series.

However, Charlotte’s dad had a long journey before this position. He started his career, working for numerous Auckland Theater Companies. Afterward, he got signed for the lead role for two back-to-back seasons of Street Legal. This was a huge breakthrough for him.

Later he went to Los Angeles and get signed up for some great movies like Bride and Prejudice and Spider-Man 2. Moreover, he also worked in Master of Horrors, NCIS, and True Blood. Daniel was also cast in a Netflix series “The Originals.” Daniel along with his wife Rachel, wrote, directed, and played in the Broken Kingdoms in 2012.

Daniel Gillies Brought his Daughter Charlotte and his Wife Rachel on set of The Vampires Dairies to meet his co-star
Daniel Gillies Brought his Daughter Charlotte and his Wife Rachel on set of The Vampires Dairies to meet his co-star

As we look upon Charlotte’s mother’s career, Rachel Leigh Cook is an actress as well as a model. Rachel starts her career at a very young age. She gave her debut in the movie The Baby-Sitters Club in 1995. As a 14-year-old, she had just finished her first movie. Afterward, she also starred in the movie Tom and Huck. However, this is just the beginning, later she worked in various movies like She’s All That, Josie, and the Pussycats.

 As mentioned earlier Rachel is a multi-talented person and pursued a career in fashion and modeling. Her photo was on the cover of FHM magazine. Moreover, she has also appeared in the song “Dressed To Kill.” She had many achievements in her modeling career, including she was ranked 26 among the 102 Sexiest Women in the world, according to Stuff Magazine in 2002. In September 2020, Netflix released her movie Love, which she also produced.

Relationship Between Charlotte’s Parents: Rachel and Daniel

Charlotte’s parent was a true example of love at first sight. They were married on August 8, 2004. Surprisingly they married not very long after they first met. Before sharing their vows, the couple dated for only 5 months.

After that Daniel proposed to Rachel in a very romantic way. Both want to take their relationship to a new height, and just a couple of months later they were married. In an interview, Rachel answered the question about her marriage. She said:

“We got engaged after two months and were married five months after dating. We both wanted to accomplish so much more. Besides traveling, we wanted to accomplish a lot more professionally.”

Daniel Gillies with her ex-wife Rachel Leigh
Daniel Gillies with her ex-wife Rachel Leigh

Similarly, Daniel also told the media about their marriage by saying that “Once you find the right person n your life, you do not want to waste time. You will start your life as soon as possible with that person.”

Family Environment

Charlotte Easton Gillies parent’s Rachel and Daniel are very responsible individuals. Moreover, both loved their children unlimited. So, they provide the best environment for children. Charlotte’s grandparents are also very loving and caring. Thomas and Joann also took care of Charlotte and Theodore.

Even though Charlotte’s parents are no longer together, the most important thing to them is the well-being of their children. It has been a long wait for her parents to have a child. This makes her extra special to his family. It is right to say that her every wish is a command to her family and they fulfilled it.

Rachel Leigh Cook with her children Charlotte Easton Gillies and Theodore
Rachel Leigh Cook with her children Charlotte Easton Gillies and Theodore

Separation of Rachel and Daniel

The duo was living a great and joyful life. After 15 years of marriage, they divorced. In 2019, they announced their separation suddenly. The reason for the divorce was not shared by any of them. In June 2019, Daniel and Rachel announced the news of their separation through their Instagram handle. They mentioned:

“We both have mutually decided to separate our ways. We show our gratitude for every year we have spent together. All those years bring so much happiness and beautiful memories. The decision is not easy or light for any of us. However, we love and respect each other as artists and people. We look forward to the best part of our relationship and continue to collaborate with each other for our children.”

The Divorce Process of Charlotte’s Parents

Charlotte’s parents filed for divorce one year after their announcement of separation on Instagram. On July 10, 2020, they concerned to the local court for the finalization of their divorce. In the appeal, it was mentioned that the difference between them was irreconcilable.

The court finalized the divorce in March 2021. Court ruled that Rachel will get their house and a 2020 Audi in the settlement. On the other hand, Daniel had given his BMW 2019 and the title and interest of Lovesfool Production Inc.

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Effect of Divorce on Charlotte and Her Younger Brother

Charlotte and Theodore were living a great life with their parents. The divorce news was really a shock for both. But they can’t do much about it except cry. They both were young and incapable of understanding the reasons for this harsh decision.

The custody of Charlotte and Theodore has been given to Rachel, their mother. However, Daniel still has a major role in his kid’s life. Daniel visits them almost every weekend. Charlotte loves her father and waits for him to come. During the visit, Charlotte enjoys her time with her father. they go to the park, have ice cream, and play a lot of fun games.

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Total Net Worth of Charlotte

Charlotte does not have any asset mentionable assets. However, her mother Rachel has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Along with that, she is also the proprietor of Ben’s Sister production, a creative organization that produces a variety of movies and TV series. Charlotte’s father, Daniel has about $3 million of estimated net worth. As mentioned earlier he was an entertainer.

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Social Media Accounts

Charlotte is very young to have a social media account. Even though her fans want to know about her life, her mother decided to protect her from all the attention which is not good for her mental health. She has zero social media presence because she is too young to handle them.

However, her fans keep track of her and post any updates they found regarding her life. Moreover, Charlotte likes to spend time with her mother and is spotted numerous times with her, like on the Netflix premiere.

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