Brendan McAvoy: All You Need To Now About McAvoy’s Son

Brendan McAvoy is the child of an American actor James McAvoy. He is a very cute, adorable, and lovely child who is winning millions of people’s hearts through his cuteness and lovely acts. Brendan’s mother is also a very popular actor Anna Marie Duff. 

James and Brendan’s relationship is one of a kind. Which is full of love and devotion. Brendan often attends fashion and public events with his parents. James is also a very famous actor. He shows his talents in many blockbuster movies like Wanted, Split, Glass, X-men, and many more. 

Brendan Mcavoy
Brendan Mcavoy

Who is Brendan MacAvoy?

Brendan McAvoy is quite a famous child around the globe, and his fame and likeness among people are increasing day by day. He is among those people, who get famous from the time of their birth. Brendan gains the media spotlight right after his birth due to his well-known parents James and Anna. They both are actors and performed in various movies. 

The Birth and Early Life of Brendan McAvoy

Brendon McAvoy birthday is 16 June 2010 and he was born in London. His father is a renowned Scottish actor James on the other hand his mother is no less than his father. Anna Marie Duff, Brendan’s mother is a British citizen and actor. She is a theatrical actress. Brendan was born in England and hence owns British nationality.

Even though Brendan is just a 12-year-old child, he is very famous on social media. Due to his parent’s enormous, well-established reputation. He has Caucasian ethnicity and Scottish-Irish ancestry. Brendan is the only child of James and Annia, so he enjoys the full attention of his family and grandparents. Definitely, he lives a lavish life.

In his early childhood, Brendan was separated from his father and sent to live with his grandparents due to his mother’s illness. This is not a good experience, however, soon after his mother’s recovery he came back. 

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Brendan’s McAvoy Physical Attributes

Brendan is a very sweet and attractive child. He has blonde hair and green eyes, and his age is 12. His height is around 4 feet 3 inches. However, he is a growing child and his height won’t be the same after some time.

James MacAvoy with his Son Brendan
James MacAvoy with his Son Brendan

Educational background of Brendan

Brendan is a lovely young man, who spends most of his time with family and friends. As far as his education, he is currently going to a local school. However, the name of the institute is not revealed by his parents or any other family members.

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Who Are Brendan’s Grandparents?

He was born in the house of the artist. Not only his parents are huge celebrities, his grandparents (maternal and parental) are also great artists. On the parental side, his grandparents are James McAvoy Sr. and Elizabeth Johnstone. Moreover, the name of his maternal grandparents is Brendan Duff and Marie Duff.

Brendan is named after his maternal grandfather. He belongs to a very wealthy family, and it makes sense because his father is one of the greatest actors of the century. On the other hand, his mother is a huge theater artist and made a name there.

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Brendan McAvoy Career, Hobbies, and Activities

Brendan is a cute and adorable child. It is not right to predict his career now. However, there are speculations that he will soon start his career, most probably in the entertainment industry according to his family tradition.

Brendan loves to spend time with his family. He occasionally visits parks with his parents. He loves to play football. Moreover, he doesn’t have to face any hardship because his parents are always there to help him and treat him like a prince.

Brendan Brendan Enjoying a Ride in a Park

How Much Is Brendan McAvoy’s Net Worth

Brendan does not start to earn so there is no way we could predict his net worth. However, he himself is a media celebrity and quite active on social media. Due to this, he has earned approximately $1000 USD. 

James McAvoy is a legendary actor who has performed in various blockbuster movies, like X-Men, Split, Atomic Blonde, and many more. Through his enormously successful career, he had collected an astonishing figure of $2 million USD. Anna Duff, Brendan’s mother is also a big name in the theater. She had earned around $2-5 million. 

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James McAvoy and Anna Marie Duff’s Personal Life

James and Anna meet in the early 2000s. At that time, they both were working on the TV series The Shameless. During their work, they both get close and become friends. They felt a spark between them during their friendship and soon they started dating. They dated for nearly 6 years and married on 11 November 2006.  James and Anna’s marriage was organized by James‘s brother.

They divorced in 2016 after more than ten years of marriage. The reason for divorce is not told to anybody. They issue a combined statement when they file for divorce. According to that statement, they decided to remain good friends with their son.

James and Anna both do not want to have a negative impact of divorce on their child. They even live in the same house after the divorce. Nevertheless, they separated when James starts dating Lisa Liberati, who is also his personal assistant. After 6 years of his divorce from Anna, he finally married Lisa.

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