Azja Pryor: The Hidden Truth of Her Life

To get success and fame you need to work very hard. However, some people are quite fortunate, and success just simply falls into their lap. Azja Pryor is one of these fortunate people. She is famous as the ex-wife of Chris Tucker, a fine actor, and best comedian. His one of most famous movies is “Rush Hour” with the Chinese superstar “Jackie Chan”.

Azja is also known as a health coach. Moreover, she was also a casting director for some time, nevertheless, the cause of her fame is being the ex-wife of a celebrity. 

Chris Tucker and Azja Pryor were married in 1997; however, they decided to part ways in 2003. They both did not talk about it media that what is the cause that led them to make such a decision. However, after the separation, she moved to Los Angeles and start a new life.

Azja Pryor Chris Tucker Ex-Wife
Azja Pryor Chris Tucker Ex-Wife

Early life and Childhood of Azja Pryor

Azja was born in California, US. She was born on 28 August 1978. Azja had a lovely childhood in her hometown Berkeley. She was born to Deborah B. Pryor, however, her father’s name is unknown. She is an African American and carries a US passport. 

Except for these, there is not much to say about her early life. Azja lives an ordinary life. She lived in a small house with his parents and siblings. Nonetheless, childhood is not about having her own room. It’s about the relationship between you and the family and Azaj had a great relationship with her siblings. 

Azja’s Educational Status

She goes to Hamilton Sr. High School for her primary education. She completed high school at the same institution. Afterward, she moved to Los Angeles and hence enrolled herself at Los Angeles Community College. She had completed her graduation however her majors are not known.

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Relationship Between Azja and Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor is a legendary stand-up comedian and is considered a legend of his time. He died on 10 December 2005. There is a question among people’s minds that is Azja Pryor Richard Pryor, daughter? Well, no, she isn’t. She was the daughter of Deborah B. Pryor, but her father’s name remains a mystery.

Azja Pryor With Her Husband Christopher
Azja Pryor With Her Husband Christopher

What is Azja Pryor’s Career?

After completing her education, she decided to work in the entertainment industry. She selected the field of casting which led her to successful casting director. Azja has several hit projects on her success lists like One on One and The Eves.

Afterward, she decided to quit for some unknown reason. Azja is a nutritionist and helps other people to live healthy lives. She provides full guidelines about food, exercise, and daily life routine to make sure that they enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. 

She lived a very personal and private life nowadays. Azja is a CBWS Babywearing Educator. People consult her to raise their children safely and with no harm.

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Net Worth of Azja Pryor

Azja had a net worth of $800,000 through different careers. She earned an impressive fortune through the casting director. She is still working as a nutritionist and her net worth is expanding. There are some other sources of Azja income like paid promotions and advertisements through social media.

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Azja Pryor Relationship History

Azja is married three times in her life. First, she married Chris Tucker a famous Comedian and actor. They both dated for a very long time. They had a very strong connection between them, so they decided to marry. God blessed them with a son in 1998. They named him Dustin. A lovely child. However not very long after they ended their marriage silently, without giving any reason. 

Azja was again married to Christopher Brian Bridges, a famous rapper, and actor. but they do not stay together for a very long time and separate. Azja does not share any child with Christopher.

The third time she dated Cherif A Ndiaye. They work in the same field, and both are nutritionists. Both have a lot in common as they both are fitness freaks and maintain a balance in their life. They welcomed their first child together on 16 April 2017, a cute, little baby girl. Azja and Cherif named their daughter Iman Joelle. Iman is 5 years old as of 2022.

Dustin, Azja’s elder child went to Oaks Christian School for his primary education. Later he moved to Atlanta for higher education. After completing his education, he is currently chasing his dream to become a successful actor and celebrity like his father. On the other hand, Azja’s daughter, Iman has not started his education right now but soon will be going to school. Azja is also a mother of Christopher’s two children from his previous relationship, she took care of them like her own children.

Azja Pryor and Chris Tucker
Azja Pryor and Chris Tucker

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