Truth and Lies About Atila Altaunbay’s Life and Relationship

The world is full of miracles. Just like the beautiful couple Grace Jones and her Husband Atila Altaunbay. Atila belongs to Turkey. He is famous due to his marriage to the beautiful superstar Grace Jones. Moreover, spices added to their love story that he was the bodyguard of Grace. Grace started to like him due to his honesty and hard work. Soon they were very close and they fell in love in no time. Afterward, they marry each other. Atila is 21 years younger than Grace which is a huge age gap.

Grace Jones
Grace Jones

Grace Jones Husband’s Atila Altaunbay

Alita was born in Turkey, but he grew up in Belgium. He was born in 1976 but the month and date are unknown. Atila Altaunbay’s age is 46 years (as of 2022). He belongs to a Muslim family and is a bodyguard by profession. He is famous after marrying Jamaican singer, actress, and supermodel Grace. However, their marriage did not succeed and they separated their ways from each other.

Early life

Atila lives a very personal life, due to his quiet nature and style. Most of the facts about his life are unknown, however, we have known that he was born in Turkey but mostly spent his life in Belgium. The family background is also unknown. Detail about his parents is unknown. He said one time that he doesn’t want to drag them to the media, as it would be disastrous for them as they are very private persons.

Atila Altaunbay’s Educational Background

He had completed his early education in Turkey. However, the institute name and his majors are unknown. He spent most of his time in Belgium where he has different training classes like AED, Marshall, CPR, and other physical training that are necessary for the job of bodyguard. Atila was also interested in modeling and acting. He also played some minor roles on screen. He played some roles in movies and dramas.

Atila Altaunbay’s Passion and Profession

Atila is an average person. He used to be a pizza delivery boy. That’s how he started his career. At that, he was doing multiple jobs like he was working at a security agency as well. Through this agency, he met Grace Jones and started working for him. He was a hard-working individual and took his work very seriously. Grace liked him, and offer him the job of a bodyguard.

Grace Jones at public function
Grace Jones at a public function

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How was Atila Altaunbay married to Grace?

The couple met in Belgium, and Grace hired Atila as his bodyguard. As per Atila’s job requirements, he spends all day with Grace. That when they get to know each other and became very close. They started dating and after four-month Grace proposed to Atila. He accepted it, and soon after, they married on 24 February 1996.

The marriage is a very private function and not many guests were invited. They did not invite the media to cover the function. After their marriage they to New York for their honeymoon.

The love birds of the 90s, Grace, and Atila
The love birds of the 90s, Grace, and Atila

Atila and Grace Children

Grace and his bodyguard Atila were married for 8 years; however, they did not share any child. However, Grace does have a son from his ex-husband Jean-Paul Goude. The name of the boy is Paul Goude.

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Atila Altaunbay Life | Controversies

Atila’s family in Turkey does not approve of his marriage to Grace. His family is traditional in which the elder brother must be married first. However, Atila is the younger brother, and his elder brother is unmarried. Moreover, there is a huge gap in age between the love birds. Atila is 21 years younger than Grace. This is also the reason for their nonacceptance of his marriage. Due to all these problems, the couple moved to Brazil. Unfortunately, they are not together and separated 8 years after marriage. 

Bodyguard Atila Altaunbay
Bodyguard Atila Altaunbay

Separation of The Couple

In 2004, they separated their ways from each other. There were no official reports or anything. Until Grace opened up in an interview about the separation of the couple. She told that she tried everything to protect her relationship with Atila. However, Atila started to feel insecure about the fact that she was getting the attention of everyone, especially the men.

One day they fought, and Atila became so mad that he grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her. This was the breaking point. They both were shocked. Atila left the house without saying a single word and did not return. Grace searched for him but it looks like Atila does not want to be found. That is the sad ending of their story. We can say that they are technically not divorced yet.

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Net worth Of Atila Altaunbay

Atila during his career made a good amount of money. He was a bodyguard and also a model. Grace paid him good money as a fee for the bodyguard. Right now, Atila is living a private and peaceful life, away from his past so we do not know his current net worth. However, when he separated from his partner Grace, he had an estimated $800 k asset.

Atila’s Social Media Presence

After the separation Atila with his wife grace he does not show any media, no matter it is social media or electronic media. He became the ghost of the past. That is why he does not have any social media accounts.

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