Arlene Litman, A Woman Who Challenges The Racist Society

Arlene Litman is the mother of American superstar, Lisa Bonet. She married a black guy in the 1960s when it was considered taboo. Furthermore, as a member of a Jewish family, she is not allowed to do that marriage.

Arlene has a hard time raising her daughter because her husband left her. However, she gave her daughter the best and was grown to be a superstar. Lisa Bonet rose to fame through “The Cosby Show”. She played Denise Huxtable in that show and received many nominations and awards for it.

Arlene belongs to an Ashkenazi Jewish family. Her parents were from Poland and Russia. As we talk about her husband, he was an African American. Lisa Bonet started to work in TV commercials when she was just 11 years old. Her father had already left her by that time. She got his first major role in “The Cosby Show” when she was just sixteen-year-old.

Arlene Litman
Arlene Litman

Arlene Litman Biography

She is a renowned American Personality. Her full name is Arlene Joyce Litman. She gains fame due to her film star daughter lilikoi Moon, famously known as Lisa Bonet. Lisa is a superstar of the era of the 1980s to 1990s.

Arlene herself was a schoolteacher. she belonged to a Jewish family. Despite the consent of her family, Arlene married a black man in 1960. It was taboo to marry a black guy at that time due to racism. Even though Arlene was completely boycotted by her family, she remains strong.

However, Arlene’s efforts were admired throughout the world, as she stands against society no matter what the cost is. The YSL beauty Global Makeup and Fragrance Ambassador Zoe launched some new lipsticks, and name one of them after Arlen Litman as a tribute.

Arlene’s marriage was not successful, and she was divorced. After that, she was forced to return to his family. Arlene’s daughter, Lisa Bonet is biracial, so it is a challenge for her to raise her daughter against her family.

Who are The Parents of Arlene Litman?

As we talk about her parents, she was the daughter of Eli Litman (father) and Sylvia Litman (mother). Eli Litman was born in 1912 in Pennsylvania at the house of Abraham E. Litman and Fanny Lillian Ageloff. At 74 years of age, he died in 1986. As Jewish immigrants from Russia, Arlene’s grandparents moved to America.

Arlene’s mother Sylvia Ellen Goldvarg was also born in Pennsylvania in 1916. Sylvia’s parents are also migrants from Russia. Their names were Louis Goldvarg and Sarah Silverman. She died at the age of 100 in 2016.

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Arlene Litman Marriage

Arlene was married to a black man, Allen Bonet. Allen was a charming young man and an opera singer by profession. He had an African American background. He was born and raised in Texas, USA. On 12 June 1967, Arlene and Allen married in San Francisco, USA.

However, their marriage failed due to family pressure. Arlene’s family had denied accepting Allen and cut them off completely. Allen left Arlene and file for a divorce. They officially separated in 1969, just after two years of their marriage. At that time Arlene had a daughter. Having raised her alone, she dealt with many challenges.

Arlene never married again after that. She focuses all her energies on raising her daughter. On the other hand, Allen decided to move on and married again to a girl.

Lisa Bonet is the only biological child of Arlene. However, she had adopted many children including Anjanine Bonet, Chiara Bonet, Kaemon Allen Bonet, Kolin Bonet, and Aleia Bonet.

Physical Appearances

Arlene was a gorgeous woman in her prime time. She was 5 feet, 6 inches tall. Despite her aging, she maintained good health. God has granted her beautiful black eye, along with blackish brown hair. Moreover, her smile lit up her whole face.

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The Challenge of Raising a Biracial Daughter

Arlene gave birth to a beautiful daughter Lisa Bonet just after one year of her marriage. However, soon after her husband left her. At that time The Hippie Movement was at its peak. After the divorce, Arlene moved to San Francisco and decided to raise her child alone. Allen also agrees with this decision and did not play any role in her daughter’s life.

Afterward, Arlene’s family also discriminates against her daughter. As a single mother, they do not support raising a daughter. However, she remained strong, faced all these difficulties, and did not give up. Arlene’s daughter mentioned in an interview with Porter Magazine, that it was very hard for her to grow up in a hostile environment. As a young girl, Lisa feels unsafe and alone. However, all these experiences play a significant role in discovering her talent.

Lisa Bonet Arlene Daughter
Lisa Bonet Arlene’s Daughter

Arlene Litman The Biggest Supporter of Lisa Bonet

Lisa was very close to her mother Arlene. According to the star, Arlene was always along with her in times of need or hardship. Throughout her life, she guided her both personally and professionally. Just like during an earthquake in 1994, Lisa and her daughter Zoe were stranded on the street. But Arlene immediately came to rescue her.

Lisa Bonet
Lisa Bonet

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Who is the Granddaughter of Arlene Litman?

Zoe Kravitz, granddaughter of Arlene was born in 1998. Right now, Zoe is a brand Ambassador for Beauty Global Makeup and Fragrance. She also launches lipstick to present a tribute to her late grandmother Arlene in 2019. During the launch, she said that her grandmother wore very little to no makeup, so this is an appropriate choice for her.

Furthermore, Zoe is also a great actor and starred in many movies and shows including “No Reservations”. She had her first breakthrough role in a Marvel superhero movie “X-Men”.

Zoe and Lisa at their home
Zoe and Lisa at their home

Who is The Husband of Arlene Litman?

Arlene Litman falls in love with opera singer Allen Bonet. As mentioned earlier Arlene herself is a music teacher, hence they both have a common interest. February 13, 1935, was the date of Allen’s birth in Dallas, Texas. He had an African American origin. Allen and Lisa were married in 1967. A small number of people were invited to the ceremony.

Allen was a famous singer. He had sung many hits songs of his time. Love’s Message, My Abode, and Serenade are considered his masterpiece. Allen is a talented and hardworking individual, who shows a great commitment to his work. He still wasn’t admired everywhere in the country. Despite her fame being limited to a very short region. However, his songs are available on YouTube right now.

After a very short period, their married life started to deteriorate. The main factor behind all these problems is that Arlene is a white Jewish and Allen is an African American.

Afterward, Allen married again with a woman called, Deborah Church. They lived happy lives. Allen and Deborah had seven children. Over all Allen lived a happy life until his death on 9 November 2018. The cause of death is a heart attack. His death occurred at the age of 83.

Arlene’s Daughter Lisa Bonet is a Talented Individual

Famous American star Lisa Bonet is the only child of Arlene. Even though she is a single mother, she did not give up. She raised her biracial daughter against her whole family. Lisa is also a gifted girl. She started to work in her teenage.

Lisa starts her career in glamour by competing in beauty pageants. Moreover, she also worked in different ads. Finally, she starts his film career with the marvelous role of “Denise Huxtable” on “The Cosby Show”. Afterward, she was offered many super-hit films and TV shows including Final Combination, Angel Heart, Lathe of Heaven, and New Eden. As we looked at her career, she achieved many milestones in her career including Young Artist Awards, Primetime Emmys, and many more.

Lisa Bonet with her Husband Jason Mamoaa
Lisa Bonet with her Husband Jason Mamoaa

The Death of Arlene Litman

Arlene was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990. She fought that disease like a fighter and never lose hearts. However, she died due to this disease. She was 58 years old at the time of her death. She struggles for a long time but on 3 March 1998, she succumbed to cancer.

Before her death, she had the opportunity to see her granddaughter, Zoe Isabella Kravitz. Right now, Zoe is an actor and fashion model. She also showed some skill in singing. Arlene’s daughter Lisa had three more children; however, Arlene did not get a chance to meet them as they were born after her death.

How Much Arlene Liman’s Net Worth Is?

If we look at Arlene’s career, she was a schoolteacher. So, we assume that she won’t be very rich. However, she earned enough money to raise her daughter. The exact figure for Arlene’s net worth is not available. On the other hand, her daughter has a net worth of $14 million. She earned it from her work in showbiz.

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Social Media Accounts of Arlene Litman

Arlene was a very closed person. Even though her daughter and son in law a great American Celebrity, she prefers to maintain a low life. This is the reason that she did not use any social media platform.

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