Who is Archie Heaton? Son of Famous Actor Charlie

Charlie Heaton, who starred as Jonathan in ”Stranger Things”, is the father of Archie Heaton. Archie Heaton became a hot topic when the ”Stranger Things” season came on air on Netflix. Every detail about Charlie Heaton’s life is wanted by those who admire him.

Archie’s mother is also an artist. She is a drummer and musician in Japan’s entertainment industry. Unfortunately, his parents are no longer together. Right, Archie is living with his mother in England.

Charlie Heaton Holding his son Archie Heaton in lovely field
Charlie Heaton with his son Archie Heaton

Early Life of Archie Heaton

19 May 2014 was the birth date of Archie Heaton. He is the son of Charlie Heaton who played the famous role of an awkward teenager ‘’Jonathan’’ in the Netflix featured season ‘’The Stranger Things’’. His mother is Akiko Matsuura a renowned Japanese drummer and musician.

Archie was born in England.  After the separation of his parents, his mother had custody of him, therefore he is living with her. However, his father also loves him very much and gladly fulfills his parental duties.

Charlie Heaton with his son Archie Heaton siting on a chair
Charlie Heaton, with his son Archie Heaton

Quick Facts About Archie Heaton

NameArchie Heaton
Date of Birth19 May 2014
ReligionUn known
Current ResidenceEngland
Age8 years old (by 2022)
ParentsCharlie Heaton,
Akiko Matsuura
Zodiac SignTaurus
PersonalityPositive: intelligent, hardworking,
Negative: Dependable, Stubborn
Hair ColorBlonde
Height3 feet, 4 inches
Weight27 kg
CareerToo young to have a career

Archie Heaton School

There is no official record available regarding Archie’s education. He is an 8-year-old boy so, we can assume that he is enjoying a primary education. However, his school information is not available.

Where Does Archie get his Look?

Archie is an adorable 8-year-old child. He has blonde hair, with brown eyes. As he is a growing kid his height and weight are continuously fluctuating. Currently, he weighs 27 kilograms and stands at 3 feet, and 4 inches. He looks a lot like his mother Akiko Matsuura.

Akiko and Charlie together.
Charlie Heaton along with his formal wife Akiko Matsuura

Archie Heaton’s Family

Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura have only one child. This means Archie has no siblings. His parents are a famous duo as his father is a renowned actor and musician, as well as her mother, is an A-rated drummer and musician in Japan.

Archie got all the attention of his family and the media. This is the enjoyment of being the only child of famous parents.

Charlie and Akiko Matsuura, in 2013, when they are dating

Archie’s Father ‘’Charlie Heaton’’

Charlie Ross Heaton or our beloved Jonathan from Strangers Things was born on 6 February 1994, in West Yorkshire in England. He has loved sports from the beginning. He took part in a different sport. From tennis to soccer there is no support that he doesn’t play. He can assume that he would be a sportsman he wouldn’t be an actor.

However, he switched his passion from sports to dancing and arts. He starts to gain training as a drummer.

When he became 16-year-old, he moved to London. In London, he got the opportunity to show his hidden talent at its full potential. He joined a rock band called Comanche.

This job allowed him to show his talent and potential as an artist. He travels to different countries to perform as the drummer for the rock band Comanche.

During his tour, he met his ex-wife Akiko Matsuura, who later became the mother of his only child Archie Heaton.

After that, he switched from music to acting. Starting from working for commercial agencies and extras, his name started to become prominent in the acting field.

2015 is the golden year for Charlie. He started in a guest role in different shows. He also signed in for three major projects in the same year. In addition to Stranger Things, there are other significant projects. The other two of his major projects include the thriller film ‘’Shut In’’ and ‘’As you are’’.

Archie Heaton Father's Charlie Heaton

Archie’s Mother ‘’ Akiko Matsuura’’

Unfortunately, not much information is available regarding Archie’s mother Akiko Matsuura. Akiko is a Japanese drummer currently residing in England. She works for many bands in England including Comanche.

Some other bands she also works with are ‘’The Big Pink’’ and Glasgow Band’’. She also had a side project called Sperm javelin.

Archie's Mother, Akiko Matsuura

Love Story of Charlie and Akiko Matsuura

Archie’s parents Charlie and Akiko meet in the band Comanche as they both work for this same band. ‘’Love has no limits’’, seems true at least in the case of Charlie and Akiko. Despite the oddly huge age gap between them, they fall in love and start dating.

An insider source told that the net when they are working on a song for Comanche. In no time they became a couple. They got engaged and then married in just the blink of an eye. We don’t know for sure when the couple decided to have a baby, but soon they welcomed their first child Archie Heaton.

Well, their love story did not end last. They got separated. Why? No one knows for sure. Although Charlie is a media enigma, he still did not tell anything about her marriage or separation.

At the time of Archie’s birth, Charlie is only 20 years old, while Akiko is 33 at that time. We can only assume that the fans will never know about this mysterious part of the life of their beloved Jonathan from ‘’Stranger Things’’.

Akiko Matsuura, Charlie

What is Archie Heaton Doing Currently?

Archie is an eight-year-old boy. Right now his main goal is only his study. It is not the time for our little star to decide what he wants to do in his life. Archies admirers are impatiently waiting to see where will be the pendulum swung. Is he going to be an actor like his father or a music artist just like his mother? or maybe he would choose to make his name in something else? Let’s wait and see.

Archie Heaton’s Net Worth

Archie is too young to own something by his name. However, his father owns a net worth of around $5 million.

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