About us

Targerians.com is an online platform that covers the biography and success stories of famous people.

About us


Our vision is to provide motivational content and success stories. We believe that to inspire and motivate people we can least do is tell them the inspirational stories of people around the world. And make them believe that they can also achieve anything in their life.

Teamed up with a group of passionate professionals, targeriens.com provides all insight about people’s favorites celebrity. Moreover, our team provides all the relevant data of spouses, girlfriends, and people close to your celebrity crush.

Targerians.com provides content that is 100% authentic and reliable to its users.

Our Mission

We believe that information can bring a revolution in a man’s life. Our team member put all their efforts to bring you the most inspirational stories from all our the world.

To overcome failure you must know what you have done wrong and what is the right way to get things done. The only way to achieve it is through the life of those people who had already gone through it.

These success stories can bring a great change in a person’s life through motivation. These stories help people to our come their failures and give them incitement to prove themself.

Targerians.com provides their user best experience and accurate information. Our Team consists of expert researchers, writers, graphic designers, and web developers.

Hassan Ansari


The CEO of Targerians.com is Mr. Hassan Ansari. A passionate young man, who believes that the only key to success is hard work. He founded this website on 2 August 2022.

Mr. Hassan Ansari is a tech enthusiast. He believes that the only constant in this world is “change”. He himself is a Physicist and has done great work in the field of research and technology. Moreover, he shares a keen interest in SEO, Digital Marketing, and Content Writing

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Contact us

If you have any queries, you can contact us at the given email. We are here 24/7 to assist you.